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The railway to Sulzburg was closed in after passenger services had been replaced by buses in The modern entrance building was built in Its sidings were a little further north beside the tracks of the state railway. On 1 May this line was extended to Münstertal.

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Platforms[ edit ] The station on the Rhine Valley Railway Staatsbahnhof or state station has always had two platform tracks with side platforms, with platform 1 next to the station building. So, for instance, in the timetable, two pairs of trains ran on the Freiburg — Schaffhausen — Munich route and a pair of trains ran on the Basel — Saarbrücken route.

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Next to the northwestern platform 2, there was formerly a goods shedalso with a side platform, on a loading track. It was demolished after the abandonment of freight handling.

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The platform is referred to as "platform 12". The connection to the Münstertal line used to be in this area, but it was removed in The line to Munster was upgraded and electrified in On platform 2 there was also a mechanical interlockingwhich has also been demolished.

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At the end of the line single bad krozingen was originally a turntablewhich was replaced in the mids with a set of points. Furthermore, each connected with a service to Ludwigshafen and Offenburg.

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North of the passenger stations there were sidings and passing tracks. The trains of the branch line terminate northeast of the entrance building next to platform 1.

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Inthe tracks were rebuilt to allow journeys from Münstertal to Freiburg and vice versarequiring single party bad oeynhausen to reverse in the station.